Podcasting in Language Arts

I thought I’d share my brainstorm list of various ways a teacher can use podcasting as a tool in an English/Language Arts classroom.

A dozen ideas for student-created podcasts in Language Arts:

  1. Book reviews – Students can record their reviews and discussions of books to share with the world, or just their schools. This would be a nice way to hear from other students about their thoughts on various texts.
  2. Book reports – These could be done in numerous ways. One example would be as a Last Minute Book Report.
  3. Character dialogues and skits – Student read, script, rehearse, and record role plays as characters.
  4. Mock author interview – One student acts as the interviewer; another acts as the author. The interview should prepare a list of questions, give them to the “author” for review, and the two conduct an interview in podcast format.
  5. Audiobooks – Students can read favorite passages as teasers for other students.
  6. Vocabulary reviews – Students take vocabulary words and write skits using them in context. Students begin the podcast by presenting an original definition. The skit is presented. The vocabulary is discussed.
  7. Grammar raps – Students write and perform songs/raps to help reinforce grammar skills.
  8. Sharing work – Students read their own writing to share as a podcast. This could be done with any genre.
  9. Old Time Radio Show – After students listen to a performance and study the genre, students write, script, and perform their own.
  10. Debate – Students debate a research topic.
  11. Conversations with the past – Students interview various people about their experiences – grandparents, elders, teachers, political figures… In preparation for the interview, students need to generate researched questions for discussion. These can be tied to another content area or a topic related to literature.
  12. Tour guides – Students narrate places they “visit” in their reading. The Globe Theatre for students studying Shakespeare, a walking tour of Maycomb if students read To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.

There are also a number of useful or exemplary podcasts you can use as a model:

More to share?

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