#CMK16 Grekko Thursday: a solution for warding off close-talkers

Grekko Thursday from CMK 2016 on Vimeo.

One of the projects we wanted to work on at #CMK16 was something wearable. I’ll be working on another project this summer and wanted to get started now. I’m hoping to introduce this to students sometime this year, along with soft circuits. Chris Collins, Nick Palombo, and I worked in it collaboratively as we worked on our Water Infiltration System.

Concept: A wearable solution to ward-off close-talking parents at conferences without being offensive. We’d hoped to incorporate lights as well as sound, but we weren’t able to get them to work as we’d hoped and decided the sound was sufficient. (NOTE: I’d like to tweak this slightly for my daughters to wear when dating, attending concerts, or going to ComiCon events, but they didn’t seem to like the idea.)

Essentially, Grekko Thursday is a wearable consisting of a Lilypad, a buzzer, a distance/proximity sensor, and a battery (we had to improvise and use a weaker battery than we’d like, so the buzzer isn’t as loud as we’d anticipated). When someone leans in too close for comfort (see code below to tweak), a buzzer emits a warning signal, so the surprised sunset steps back.


Inside Grekko Thursday



Grekko Prototype



Final Grekko Thursday


Grekko Thursday_bb

Wiring Info Fritzing Doc


Code for Arduino Thursday

// Copy and paste to use it yourself.

int Trigger = 2;
int Echo = 3;
int LED = 9;
int buzzer = 11 ;// setting controls the digital IO foot buzzer
float a;
float distanceCm;
float distanceIn;

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
pinMode (buzzer, OUTPUT) ;// set the digital IO pin mode, OUTPUT out of Wen

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

a = pulseIn(3,HIGH);
distanceCm = a/58.0;
Serial.print("\t centimeters");
distanceIn = a/148.0;
Serial.println("\t inches");
if(distanceIn > 25){
digitalWrite(LED, LOW);

digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH) ;// send voice
delay (1) ;// Delay 1ms
digitalWrite (buzzer, LOW) ;// do not send voice
delay (1) ;// delay ms

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