Zinio Reader and Ink Annotation


Digital Classics via kwout

When I got my first tablet a few years back, it had Zinio Reader, a free application that allows users to download various publications for offline viewing.  I rarely had time to read magazines when I was on my tablet, so I eventually discontinued using it and deleted the applications.

This past week, I decided to revisit Zinio.  I downloaded the reader and registered my account.  I discovered what I probably should have realized three years ago – Zinio allows readers to digitally annotate (ink on a tablet) by highlighting and putting notes on text.  Zinio Labs also has their “Digital Classics” library.  There are versions available in Mac and Windows.  There’s also an iPhone version.  McGraw-Hill has some textbooks available using Zinio as well.  Here’s an example of the reader window with annotations.

Zinio Annotation

Zinio Annotation

I just emailed Zinio a request about classroom publication.  This could be a very “clean” way to upload content for classroom use and student annotation.  I’d also be curious about various formats of textbooks available – beyond the McGraw Hill publications.  There are numerous magazines available for purchase, but I saw limited student content.

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