10 Reasons to Love OneNote

1. It saves as you work.

2. You can have a 3-ring-binder without a hole punch.

3. It likes to share.

  • On network
  • Via email
  • Internet

4. It helps you get organized.

  • Outlook – Tasks, Appointments, Contacts
  • Searching
  • Color coordinating

5. It plays nicely with others.

  • MS Office Apps- Copy & paste, send to Word
  • Acrobat – Print to OneNote, Send to PDF
  • Internet – Save as HTML, Clipping Tool

6. It likes multimedia.

  • Insert Audio Recording
  • Insert Video Recording
  • Insert Hyperlink
  • Insert Links to shortcuts

7. It’s great for meetings.

  • Send from Outlook to OneNote
  • Audio recordings
  • Shared notebooks
  • Emailing notes directly from application (If you use Outlook)

8. You can customize it.

  • Adding Drawings, highlighting, ink (View –> Toolbars)
  • Customize how pages look (lines, grid paper, etc.)
  • Preinstalled templates (Format –> Templates)
  • Online templates

9. You can search your sticky notes and file them (side notes).

10. It likes to read.

  • Converts handwriting to text if you use a TabletPC.
  • Searches images for text.
  • Can make text in many PDFs printed to OneNote searchable.

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Thanks to @mathfaery and @demetri for your suggestions.


  1. Steve DiPaola says:

    Actually it does not play nice with others or the internet ( other than MS products)> For instance the “copy hyperlink to Page” does not work in Firefox/Safari/Chrome (it opens onenote but does not deeplink to the onenote page) – this is a big problem for 100s of todo/task/apps that are in firefox/safari/chrome that I want to have link to my brain in onenote.

    Also gmail (the most used mail) has the reverse linking problem, that is a url from google (an email or gmail search string) will not deep link into gmail from onenote.

    all other browsers and gmail are huge custumer based and the interoperbility is a big issues. since onenote works best with task managers – not working with most task systems other than the large outlook is a big issues too.

  2. Marcus says:

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